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Nicki Minaj’s Wedding Ring Costs $1.1M & People Think She Paid For It

Nicki can’t get a break out here.

‘s relationship with Kenneth Petty has been criticized but she seems pretty happy. It’s hard to tell with Petty since he’s rarely seen smiling but hey,  Over the past few weeks,  but it has been unclear whether they actually did until yesterday. Nicki finally showed off her wedding ring which is stunning, quite frankly. It has a 17-carat center with VVS2-clarity diamonds

Raefallo & Company were commissioned to handle the ring and they said that Petty was very involved in the process, from designing it to paying for it himself — with emphasis on himselfPetty himself joked that he had to “cut someone’s finger off” to get the ring for Nicki which was clearly a joke made without an ounce of self-awareness.

Anyways, Nicki deserves nothing less than the best but people have been wondering how exactly Kenneth Petty was able to afford it. Not many people are really aware of what he does as a job aside from being Nicki’s arm candy. Needless to say, the second they unveiled the large rock, Kenneth Petty got dragged across the depths of Twitter who mainly congratulated Nicki on buying her self her own wedding ring. 

The tweets have been ruthless. Check ’em out below. 


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