NidaWayy Breaks Down Her Debut EP & Gives An Inside Look At The “Time Run Out” Video

Emerging Hip Hop artist and songwriter, NidaWayy’s self-titled debut EP showcases her unique style and personality as a rapper. Featuring three tracks, “Time Run Out,” “Dead Roses,” and “NidaWayy,” the record aims to captivate listeners and express her aspirations for the world to recognize her vision and evolution as a young talent in the industry.

Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, and Kevin Gates have influenced NidaWayy’s rapping style. During our conversation, she revealed that staying positive despite the hate has been her biggest challenge, and said that she is open to collaborations with like-minded people who are consistent, persistent, and confident in what they bring to the rap game.

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Your self-titled debut EP showcases your unique style and personality as an artist. Can you walk us through the process of developing the project and how you approached expressing yourself through it?

Well this was my first ever project so I knew I had to do something to catch the people’s attention.I wanted people to know me for me by expressing my emotions and putting my soul into my music. 

How did you go about choosing the three tracks that made it onto your EP? Are there any stories behind them? 

The three tracks I chose are about the world knowing me as an upcoming artist. This is the type of music I make and would love to share with everyone. “Time Run Out” expresses how time still ticks either with you or without you. You can achieve your goals or you can sit back and watch them fade, either way the world is still going to spin so if you want something go get it. “Dead Roses” is an emotional song, when it’s hard to vent I take the time to put how I feel in my music, and “Nidawayy” was a song basically about me how people will soon know me and the world will recognize me. 

Can you tell us about how the “Time Run Out” video came to be? What was your inspiration behind the video’s creative direction, and how does it connect with the overall message of the track?

The “Time Run Out” video was showing just a normal day in my life, with my family. Everyone in it means something to me so some clips are raw of what we do. The song is relatable because this is my dream and I know others have dreams may be the same one may be different but we all have goals we would like to reach, “I got to get it if I want before my time runs out!” 

Your rapping style has been influenced by some big names in the industry. Can you talk more about how Lil Wayne and other artists have shaped your sound?

Lil Wayne has always been an inspiration for me. I grew up on his music but really to me his music is more than just music, it’s art. He can paint a picture of what he wants you to see by using punchlines and a creative story. That is my vision for people; to be able to listen to my music although you might not be in the same shoes as me but you can take steps with me throughout the songs and experience life as me. I am into more southern rap so Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie,and Kevin Gates were my top. They bring raw and real music for people to enjoy. 

What has been your biggest challenge so far as a rising hip hop artist, and how have you overcome it? 

My biggest challenge so far is staying positive. The hate is going to come but that’s just part of life. No one wants you to see better than them, new friends, old friends, and family. They don’t want to help you grind in the beginning, but when you are somewhere they expect a seat at the table. 

Your family has been instrumental in inspiring and supporting your music career. How do you balance your own vision with the guidance and support of your loved ones as you continue to grow as an artist?

It can get hard at times but that’s what family is for. They support me along the way.They will even challenge me. This is nothing but the world we live in today and they show me more than I can explain out of love. My family is my motivation and my music is the motive to keep going and never stop. 

You have mentioned that you are open to collaborations with like-minded artists. What qualities do you look for in a future collaborator, and how do you approach the creative process of working with others in the studio?

Collaborations with me would be very simple. I want to be around other artists who want to succeed in what they’re doing. Artists who are consistent, persistent, and confidential in what they bring into the rap game. Putting everything they have into their music just like me. Grinding till you have reached a new potential in life.

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