, along with many other companies, . Perhaps the most affected by this pandemic are none other than healthcare workers who have had to treat an increase in patients, every single day. Numerous people have been coming in and out of hospitals lately and it has been taking a huge toll on the mental health of nurses and doctors around the world.

Recently, it was announced that Nike would be making yet another donation, this time in the form of 30,000 pairs of Nike Air Zoom Pulses, to be distributed around the world. In fact, these shoes will be going to hospitals in Barcelona, Chicago, Laakdal (Belgium), London, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milan, New York City, and Paris, which are some of the hardest-hit cities in the world.

For those who don’t know, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a shoe that was made specifically for those who work in hospitals. Needless to say, this donation will do a lot to help those who need more comfortable supplies in order to do their job at maximum capacity. Perhaps we will see more companies follow suit, in short order.

Nike Makes Massive Sneaker Donation To Healthcare Workers

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