Nipsey Hussles Album Release Party Ends in Gunfire

Trouble seems to follow Nipsey Hussle wherever he goes. It’s gotten to the point that Nipsey doesn’t even need to be in the building for things to kick f, so long as he’s sufficiently associated with the event.

That appears to be the case in a recent shooting that went down at his album release party, according to TMZ.

Nipsey threw a party on Saturday night for his new album Victory Lap at World on Wheels, a skating rink in Venice. All was going well at the Los Angeles entertainment center until around 11:30 p.m. That’s when the website reports that shots were fired in the parking lot.

The crowd panicked with several people reporting that they were on edge from recent news mass shootings in places like Parkland, FL (and others just being appropriately allergic to gunfire).

One man was hit in the thigh, and police responded to the incident with a swarm helicopters and ficers. The shooter got away after the victim refused to cooperate with police questioning.

Nipsey was not on scene. He was across town performing with YG and planned to stop in after the show. Once word gunshots reached his team, he decided to stay away.