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Njeri Earth Is The Woman Behind The Infectious Track “Only U / The Jewel” Off Her Latest Album Mother Tongue

Skilled artist Njeri Earth is releasing her latest single, the track titled “Only U / The Jewel” , a powerful release off her latest album titled Mother Tongue. “Happiness is the Jewel and your mind is the tool” is the kind of powerful and inspiring statement heard in the sublime narrative deployed by Njeri Earth in her new song. 

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Njeri Earth is proof positive that Motown still produces musical genius. Her sound is best described as Lauryn Hill meets Wu-Tang Clan with Motown in the background. 

Njeri co-wrote and performed on back to back tracks, “1112” and “Victim” on GZA/Genius’ album, “Beneath the Surface”. Njeri is notably remembered for spitting bars in a hair wrap and 3/4 length skirt in the parking lot cipher scene in the movie “8-Mile.” 

If Njeri Earth caught the attention of King Eminem himself, it is only thanks to her limitless talent and vision as an artist ready to share her art with the world. 

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