No Plug Alludes To Killing Bankroll Fresh In 2016 Altercation On Boastful IG Post

No Plug has previously confessed his involvement in the murder.

, after an altercation involving one of his childhood friends, fellow rapper No Plug, occurred at Atlanta’s Street Execs Studios. Months after Fresh’s death, , but claimed that it was self-defense and that  Neither he nor any of his entourage present were charged for the shooting.

Plug brought the whole incident to mind recently when he posted a photo on Sunday of himself standing in front of a car at a gas station with the caption, “Last N*gga Tried Me Made Da T.V.” The lyric comes from Plug’s “1st Day Out” track, which he dropped not too long after Fresh’s passing. It seems that Plug is alluding to murdering Fresh by bringing up this lyric that’s several years old, due to the notion that, , Fresh wound up on TV as news of his death spread. Some angry Fresh fans flooded the comments with their outrage at Plug’s audacity. One commented “Been Told You You Got Lucky,” another said, “REST UP BANKROLL FRESH IAN FORGET ABOUT YOU SHORTYšŸ‘ŒšŸ½,” and yet another commenter asserted, “He was a way better rapper than u too u talentless goof.”

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