No Sad Faces Sees Ky Richy Sharing His Best

Indie hip-hop artist Ky Richy shares deep thoughts and feelings in a new album that will have you nodding your head to the beat. Powerful and full of energy, the songs in No Sad Faces show the artist’s mastery over his craft as well as his commitment to creating exceptional music. Ky Richy previously dropped a couple of epic music videos including “Slumped” and “Crypto”, heralding the new album that came out just recently.  

In this new collection, Ky Richy explores the struggles and trials of life, encouraging people to do their best and appreciate the time we have. “The distinct sound of this album has a west coast R&B feel, indie hip hop vibes, and a pop rock sound when performed live… yet still very true to who I am as an artist. My albums tend to tell a story with a rollercoaster of emotions, so the sound of each song can vary based on what I was feeling in that exact moment. I sing, I rap, I even play a few guitar solos on the project,” the artist said, describing the musical arrangement of the songs in No Sad Faces.

Give the album a good, long listen, and explore Ky Richy’s unique style right here!

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