Noah "40" Shebib Gives Intimate Studio Tour

Yesterday, 40 connected with Jagmeet Singh for a studio tour slash extensive conversation on art and life.

While might be the 6ix God, and thus a bonafide Canadian National treasure, Noah “40” Shebib remains one of the game’s key players and of utmost significance to the OVO movement. As one of the key minds behind Drake’s signature production sound, 40 has helped bring several of his hits to life, pioneering a moody and synth-driven production wave in the process. As such, he’s become widely recognized by those familiar with the liner notes — a group that happens to include Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who has been actively hosting lively IG sessions throughout the quarantine.

Noah "40" Shebib Gives Intimate Studio Tour

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

During his recent stream, Singh invited 40 into the fold for an extensive interview and behind-the-scenes studio tour. Off the bat, the mood is jol as 40 kicks things off with a glimpse at the control room, which is absolutely stacked with speakers and monitors. As he moves into the lounge, 40 reveals some artwork laced by Quest, a graffiti artist who designs 3D artwork. Upon returning to the control room, Jagmeet and 40 engage in a philosophical discussion on music, politics, and life amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you came exclusively for Drake snippet, you might leave disappointed. If, however, you’re interested in hearing deeper insight from one of the great producers in hip-hop today, be sure to check out the interview below. It’s cool to see 40 open up like this, and OVO fans would surely benefit from checking this one out. 

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