Noodah05 Recruits Hunxho For Valentine’s Day Anthem “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry”

Emerging from the vibrant hip-hop scene in Atlanta, Noodah05 has steadily carved his niche. Blending elements of R&B to craft a distinctive sound that sets him apart. Signed by Lil Baby in 2020, Noodah has been on a mission to showcase his unique musical pro, combining elastic melodies with candid lyricism, all while staying true to the raw essence of Atlanta’s street rap scene. The new single “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry” is a reflection on commitment and love, perfectly capturing the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Noodah and Hunxho blend their soulful melodies seamlessly, creating a raw and emotive soundtrack that resonates with listeners.

In addition, having made a name for himself with a string of releases and collaborations with heavyweights like Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez, and Rob49, Noodah05 has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. His tracks, such as “Wild Child,” boasting over 25 million streams, and “Tameka,” with over 4 million streams, highlight his ability to infuse his own twist into the Atlanta sound while maintaining a consistent vulnerability.

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Stream “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry” By Noodah05 Ft. Hunxho Below

Moreover, in 2020, Noodah unveiled his project Bigger Now, a testament to his artistic evolution and growth over the years, amassing over 200 million streams in the process. As he continues his journey, Noodah kicks off the year with a Valentine’s Day-themed single titled “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry,” featuring fellow ATL artist Hunxho. The track is a testament to Noodah’s ability to traverse emotional landscapes with authenticity, showcasing his growth not only as an artist but as a storyteller.

However, Noodah’s collaborations with Hunxho bring a fresh dynamic to the ATL sound, infusing it with heartfelt sentiments and a genuine exploration of the complexities of relationships. “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry” stands as a powerful addition to Noodah’s discography, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the hip-hop and R&B fusion scene. Furthermore, as Noodah continues to navigate the ever-evolving music landscape, his dedication to delivering emotionally charged and sonically rich compositions remains unwavering. “Pretty Girls Don’t Cry” serves as a testament to his versatility and willingness to explore new dimensions in his craft, making it a must-listen for fans seeking a soulful and reflective musical experience.

Quoteable Lyrics:

You can really make it far
It’s all about your vision
Hate to see a pretty girl cry
You can go to wipe your eyes it’s okay
You aint gotta stress about love, I say

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