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Not a Star* Drops “Zev” – A Major Track Displaying His Flawless Flow In Full Force

Delaware-based rapper and audio engineer Not a Star* just recently unveiled his brand new track titled “Zev.” This major track displays the urban creator’s flawless flow and incredible vision for his craft. The melodic soundscape sets a solid foundation for the rapper to spit his verse in total mastery. 

Not a Star* follows-up in style to his previously released tracks, including “The Empire Strikes Back,” the EP Mindful Menace, and many more tracks since the launch of his career in 2021. 

The ever-evolving artist is always looking to perfect his skills, and a quick listen to “Zev” will convince all listeners that he has immensely progressed in just over a year. 

Inspired by star wars, “Zev” and “The Empire Strikes Back” are both ideal opportunities to get introduced to the infinitely talented urban creative force. 

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