“Odio” By FG Figueroa Is Far-reaching In Highlighting The Future Of Latin Hip-Hop Music

Florida-based Puerto Rican urban singer, songwriter connoisseur of all that is beautiful FG Figueroa released his latest music video for his single “Odio,” a magnificent track bursting with smooth energy and bringing something new to the urban scene. “Odio” which in Spanish means “hate” is a single from his latest album, The Prelude. A perfectly produced single, “Odio” is a fully realized debut project from an intriguing artist. Its vibes couldn’t be more relevant in 2020, and beyond its vital plea for persistence despite all the “hate” that comes to manifest his or her dreams, on a more simple level, its music is simply damn enjoyable.
It’s the multi-layered harmonies and busy, overlapping rhythms that stick and we really loved the concept of colors in the music video. It is safe to say that “Odio” is an energetic and vibrant project, exactly what the music scene needed in such uncertain times.

FG Figueroa proved himself as an artist who can work in virtually any situation and deliver a truly original sound that inspires the listener. FG Figueroa, we need more records like this!

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