Offset Avoids Criminal Charges For Fleeing Scene After Car Crash

Offset can thank his lucky stars that Law Enforcement has decided not to build a criminal case against him. There was speculation the Migos‘ member could face a criminal charge for abandoning his sports car on the side of the road. TMZ has learned that the investigation if formally closed as of this writing. 

Police are choosing to label the incident as an abandoned/recovered vehicle case. Since only a tree was hit during the crash, and not a human or property of nominal value, there is little reason to pursue a case of wrong doing. Not to mention, Offset was the only person injured in the crash and it doesn’t seem bear a testimony of drunk driving, for as far as we know.

To make matters more conclusive, Offset was never I.D’d as the driver of the vehicle, even though the car is registered under his name, and the account of the incident has been confirmed several times over. Girflfriend/Baby Mom-to-be Cardi B, insists Offset was merely avoiding a stumbling crack head when his steering wheel reaction resulting in him crashing into the tree. The incident and any confusion surrounding the wreckage is now completely obsolete, should this story resurface it will likely be as a cautionary tale about the dangers of crack cocaine.

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