Offset Immortalizes Love For Cardi B With Neck Tattoo

The relationship between rapping lovebirds Cardi B and Offset has been immortalized in ink.

In a video recorded by Cardi B and shared by @theshaderoom, Offset can be seen with a new tattoo on his neck that reads “Cardi B.”

While Cardidoesn’t seem to have followed suit with her ownOffset tattoo (yet), she did namedrop her fiance on “Bartier Cardi.”

“Cardi put the pussy on Offset/ Cartier, Cardi B brain on Offset,” Cardi B raps on the 21 Savage-assisted track.

The new tattoo comes as the Migos rapper recently battled allegations cheating. Additionally, in December, a woman claimed to be pregnant with Offset’s child, but hereportedly lawyered upand said she was just trying to get his money.

If Offset was looking to fset any infidelity rumors with his latest permanent show devotion, social media will take a little more convincing.