OGW Unveils Sophisticated Banger Titled “Welcome To Chicago”

British artist OGW is back with a latest sophisticated banger titled “Welcome To Chicago,” marking his 30th track released since the beginning of the year!

The extremely prolific artist once again displays his outstanding creativity and limitless hardworking nature with this new track, while building a massive community of followers and fans in just a few months. 

 OGW debuted on the UK rap scene earlier this year, introducing his raw talent to the world with the debut track titled “Dedication.”  

He has listed Eminem, Jack Harlow and Kendrick Lamar as his main influences. His career launched following years of experimenting within the hip-hop genre, a culmination he is today ready to share with the masses.  

OGW’s music fuses captivating beats with a raw lyrical precision, bringing to life his past experiences in a uniquely personal and deeply affecting manner. With a commitment to exploring new sounds, genres and trends, OGW has firmly established himself as one to watch for closely in the coming months, as his career is literally exploding with countless new tracks on a monthly basis!

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