Oregano Prop Jars In Weed Dispensary Fool Thieves Into Stealing Seasoning

You cannot make these items up. As reported by The Gazette, a gaggle of teenagers tried to rob a dispensary in Colorado Springs, however made one massive error. They missed the weed. Smash and grabs have been occurring extra typically in Colorado Springs, with keen thieves trying to rob dispensaries within the space. A bunch of teenagers allegedly stole a van and smashed it by way of Native Roots Dispensary at 3660 Austin Bluffs Parkway in northeastern Colorado Springs, however did not steal any actual items. 

The teenagers smashed by way of two rooms earlier than exiting the automobile and robbing the shop of a number of giant jars of what gave the impression to be marijuana. They had been, in actual fact, giant jars of oregeno that supervisor Kim Casey says the dispensary makes use of for ornamental show solely. She claims the thieves missed the locked room the place all the true weed is saved, and never a single gram of marijuana was stolen. Witnesses declare to have noticed the kids lifting the jars, and several other t-shirts, after which escaping in one other automobile that was awaiting their treasure. Maybe the children can whip up some tasty pasta with their jars of oregano, since they most definitely will not be getting excessive. You would assume children may inform the distinction by now.

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