Ouch! Tekashi 69 Dives Into the Crowd and NO ONE Catches Him

Tekashi 69 was recently accused ruining Yams Day by starting a fight backstage. Obviously, the people who made that accusation weren’t aware that no one wants to put hands on the “Gummo” rapper, period. We found out that out for certain when 6ix9ine tried to stage dive into a packed crowd and ended up eating floor instead.

The video the flop, which was shot from the stage, shows the rapper gearing up for a stage dive in front a crowd full raised phones. When he flings himself f the stage, the rainbow rapper realized pretty quickly that he was falling toward the biblical Red Sea. They parted so quickly that the only freedom that Tekashi found was the half-second before he met the ground.

For his part, the rapper seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing. He sarcastically commended the crowd for keeping it real and posted the embarrassing video to his own Instagram.

“LMAOOOOOOOO ??? I FOUNDDDDDDDD ITTTTTT ????????????” he wrote. “One the best moments my life tbh no fake love they kept it real ????????? ”