p-rallel – Soulboy (Ft. Greentea Peng) [Video]

West London producer and DJ p-rallel serves up a colossal slice of groove on the buoyant ’Soulboy’, featuring one of the UK’s most talked-about newcomers, Greentea Peng. A genre spanning and versatile artist, who has worked with big hitters in the underground scene like Finn Foxell and Lord Apex, p-rallel fuses reggae with elements of soul and jazz to construct this polished and genial head bop that is almost impossible to resist. The song has been released with a suitably sunny and charismatic video. 

Greentea Peng, fresh off a feature on the eclectic new The Streets record, showcases exactly why she is quickly becoming a heavily backed and much discussed singer-songwriter. Her performance is oozing with style and dynamism, as she cruises her way through the track; her blissful, crooning tonality so individualistic and rich. Her voice suits p-rallel’s beat to perfection, with the generous vocal production and spacious mix allowing her voice to sit atop the beat. The brisk, complex bassline and staccato guitar work is appealing and the saxophone that sings soulfully is a lovely addition. 

A combination of two upcoming, exciting artists at the top of their current game, this is a song that I will be revisiting again and again. With a memorable chorus that gets stuck in your head and a beat that you can’t help but bop it too, these guys have struck gold here. 

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