Paul Rosenberg Says Eminem’s “8 Mile” Isn’t Getting A Sequel

Paul Rosenberg says that Eminem’s iconic film, 8 Mile, isn’t getting a sequel, despite 50 Cent claiming that he has a series for the movie in the works. Rosenberg, who was a co-founder and former president of Shady Records, clarified the situation on Twitter, Friday.

“Just wanna clear this up. There is no 8 Mile sequel. It does not and won’t exist,” he wrote. He didn’t mention 50’s idea for a TV series specifically. Users had mixed responses to the news. One wrote: “That’s good. Some movies are already unique. Don’t need a sequel. Except for an album called Relapse…” Another noted that the comment may not even apply to 50’s TV show. “Thank you, we don’t want that. We want The TV Show, Based off 8-Mile,” they said.

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Eminem In “8 Mile”

Eminem looking over at Brittany Murphy in a scene from the film ‘8 Mile’, 2002. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

As for 50 Cent’s 8 Mile adaptation, he announced work on the project back in January while appearing on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. He said the show will further Eminem’s “legacy.” He most recently discussed the project during an interview with Men’s Health. “This shit is expected to be just as big as the feature film, just huge, it’ll be huge,” he told the outlet. “The interest in it is because the time period that 8 Mile was capturing further back, so as we move it into modern times you’ll see things about how we function now, how technology changed the way people enter the music business.” Check out Rosenberg’s comments on the status of 8 Mile below.

Paul Rosenberg Clarifies “8 Mile” Situation

The original 8 Mile released back in 2002. It went on to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself” and was frequently cited as one of the best films of the year. Be on the lookout for further updates on 50 Cent’s TV adaptation of the movie on HotNewHipHop.

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