Pay Up! T-Pain Suing Booking Agent Over Bounced Checks

T-Pain has seen a bit a revival in the most unlikely way. Aside from the fact that critics are just starting to look at the way that T-Pain accepted auto-tune as just another instrument to be experimented with and brought the idea to mainstream acceptance, he’s also been buzzing for a while f an incredible performance at NPR headquarters.

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert led to a series acoustic shows that got Mr. Tallahassee Pain back on people’s minds. And now, he’s securing big festival checks like it’s the ‘00s. Or at least he would, if he had the right people around him.

Pain is suing his booking agent for failing to properly secure his bag for a festival in Ohio. The Blast reports that T-Pain was booked for a $50,000 appearance at the Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio. He was fered $12,500 up front, another $12,500 a month later and $25,000 the week the gig.