Peter Gunz Didn’t Like Lyfe Jennings Flirting With Amina Buddafly On IG

Peter Gunz & Lyfe Jennings traded a few words after the singer flirted with Peter’s ex, Amina Buddafly, on Instagram.

This quarantine has sparked some unlikely occurrences in pop culture but an Instagram beef between Peter Gunz and Lyfe Jennings was the last thing anyone expected. Love & Hip Hop fans watched the drama between Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace years ago. While their cheating scandal was what helped make the VH1 series the hit it is today,  and co-parenting their children as peacefully as possible. Amina released a new song that featured her “Uptown Baby” ex, so she wanted to show the song some love by sharing a TikTok video to IG.

Peter Gunz Didn't Like Lyfe Jennings Flirting With Amina Buddafly On IG
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

Then, Lyfe Jennings slid in the comments with a little flirt action by writing, “What if I said…,” causing Peter to swoop in. “Trust me I’ve said it all… lol,” he replied. , “Can’t we all just get along lol we both have emotions for her.” He then directed his attention back to Amina with, “Hey bae.” Peter wasn’t having it.

“I think not brother that’s all you but my girls are all mine.. Knock yourself out I’m an extremely hard act to follow you can ask someone else we have in common.. lol.” Who that “someone else” is will remain a mystery, but these two continued to go back-and-forth. Peter Gunz told Lyfe to “ask your bae [Amina]” about his reputation, but Lyfe let him know that ” If I got a question I ask the n*gga. In person.” There was no real resolve to this one, but check out the exchange in its entirety below.

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