“Picasso” – An Original Hip-Hop Innovation To The Genre.

Runaway Generation artists Jupleci and RND Freeman used their charisma, talent, and endless creativity to release their new music video “Picasso,” offering innovations to the genre and overcoming set boundaries. 

The fusion of two Hip-Hop variations created an undeniably vivid and charismatic song with an atmosphere that catches the listener’s attention almost immediately. The two artists’ fusion gives rise to an exciting collaboration that jumps from one artist to the other, seamlessly diverting the attention. The special effects also provide a more resonant voice to the artists, creating a multitude of amazing synchronized vocals. 

The lyrics are fire, “I’ve been running for so long I don’t even feel the distance,” they were undoubtedly written for the masses. It is quite fascinating that the release timing was precisely when the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl happened; perhaps they had something in mind. 

These rising talents will surely have more bomb releases in the future, and hopefully, we will see more of their collaborations. It can be firmly stated that this release was a success, and undoubtedly their mix of passion and talent will give rise to more similar releases. 

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