Piers James – Best Out Here [Video]

Piers James ups the ante with sun-kissed charmer ‘Best Out Here’. Ipswich born now London based, the rapper, singer and producer has been making waves in the underground for the past few years with his multi-faceted musical prowess, highlighted by well-crafted, engaging releases. 

An artist who maintains authenticity with effortless accentuation, Piers’ writing is diverse and dense, touching on deeper, more literal themes like government oppression and cultural identity, as well as tongue in cheek, analogical imagery. Confidently continuing his musical exploration, Piers’ artistry seems to improve with each passing song, amplifying hype for his upcoming EP release ‘A Dying Breed, Pt. II’. 

Following on from his lowkey, intelligent banger ‘Mass Appeal’, this new cut comes through with a similarly nonchalant, breezy mood and robust, entertaining lyricism. Upbeat, feel good guitar riffs are accompanied by snappy percussion and a smooth bassline. Piers offers a vocal performance that is full of confidence and character, switching between melodic singing and assured rapping.

In a nostalgia crammed video, we see Piers and his lover getting up to mischief in 70s themed clothing and car with a London backdrop. Check it out. 

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