Play Fight Between Hot 97's Ebro Play and IG Comedian Turns Serious AF

What started out as a joke turned super dangerous after Ebro Darden and a social media comedian, who goes by Queenzflip, started playfully fighting. A video of the Hot 97 host and Queenzflip jokingly going back and forth surfaced online, proving that it is always better to keep your hands to yourself.

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Play Fight Between Hot 97's Ebro Play and IG Comedian Turns Serious AF

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Unfortunately, this fight isn’t the only one hip-hop followers have had to be privy to recently. Following reports that Pretty Ricky was making a come back comes reports that the reunion may not be smooth sailing.

The group performed in Phoenix, AZ at The Celebrity Theatre over the weekend. Reportedly, the concert went semi-okay. After the show though Drama ensued.

According to The Shade Rooms sources, the group walked into the venues doors requesting separate dressing rooms for Pleasure P and the rest of the group. During the show, the animosity between Pleasure and Baby Blue was hard to miss, according to @MercedezUAZ, one of the promoters.

TSRs anonymous source spilled that the real trouble didnt start until after the show while the group was backstage. Blue reportedly went to Pleasures dressing room, calling him out for being a diva and hogging the stage.

Pleasure was like get out of my room and kept telling the promoter Cedez, get this n***a outta my room! the source spilled. MercedezUAZ was said to have tried to calm down the situation without success. Instead, the two went back and forth before Blue pushed Pleasure, leading into a fight.

The fight was so bad they ended up tearing the dressing room apart, breaking mirrors etc., the outlet reported. Our source said that in the end Pleasure got the best of Baby Blue.


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