Playboi Carti & Pi’erre Bourne Are Back On Their BS

Tried and true collaborators Playboi Carti and Pi’erre Bourne reunite before “Whole Lotta Red.”

Artistic chemistry is a rare and wholly organic process, but when it strikes it’s undeniable. Look no further than , hero to a young generation and pioneer of new-age minimalism, and Pi’erre Bourne, madcap explorer of whimsical digital soundscapes. Together they developed an innovative and mutually beneficial sound, with Bourne bringing Carti’s vision to life on and the instant modern classic “Magnolia.” With Carti set to drop Whole Lotta Red in the near future, we can only expect that Pi’erre is set to come out here once again. 

Playboi Carti & Pi'erre Bourne Are Back On Their BS

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Today, Pi’erre took to Instagram to tease their triumphant reunion, sharing a screencap of a jol FaceTime call. “This what y’all want!” writes Bourne, more declaration than question. As the man has been responsible for the majority of Carti’s most memorable work, he’s not entirely wrong on that front. Look for his unique musical stamp to be all over Whole Lotta Red, whenever the Playboi . 

Say what you will about Carti, but his magnetic appeal cannot be denied. Especially when he keeps entertaining Pi’erre Bourne’s wildest ideas with such effortless confidence. Are you looking forward to this one? 

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