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Playboy Model Tied Up & Robbed At Gunpoint In Hollywood Home

Lauryn Elaine was tied up with a dog leash and robbed of $30K.

You never wish for something this traumatic to anybody so it’s a shame to report that Playboy Playmate Lauryn Elaine was robbed this week at her Hollywood home. According to TMZ, the model arrived at her house in NoHo late on Wednesday night when she noticed her front door had been busted in. When she walked inside, two men came out of her bedroom and a third exited her brother’s room. All three men were reportedly wearing masks and demanded she open her safe, which she complied with. One man pointed a gun at her and another tied her up with a dog leash before they made off with $30,000 in cash and her purse.

Lauryn managed to get herself free when the robbers left her spot, running outside to get help and alerting the police. Authorities are currently looking for the three masked men. In a video obtained by the media outlet, you can see that basically all rooms in her home were trashed with furniture all over the place, smashed mirrors, and more.

Hopefully, the model is able to get to the bottom of this so that she can retrieve the money that was stolen from her. Lauryn Elaine has been Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in the past, getting published seven times internationally.

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