Pleasure P and Baby Blue Get Fight Backstage

Following reports that Pretty Ricky was making a come back comes reports that the reunion may not be smooth sailing.

The group performed in Phoenix, AZ at The Celebrity Theatre over the weekend. Reportedly, the concert went semi-okay. After the show though… Drama ensued.

Blue & Pleasure

Pleasure P and Baby Blue Get Fight Backstage

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

According to The Shade Room‘s sources, the group walked into the venue’s doors requesting separate dressing rooms for Pleasure P and the rest of the group. During the show, the animosity between Pleasure and Baby Blue was hard to miss, according to @MercedezUAZ, one of the promoters.

TSR‘s anonymous source spilled that the real trouble didn’t start until after the show while the group was backstage. Blue reportedly went to Pleasure’s dressing room, calling him out for being a “diva” and “hogging the stage.”

“Pleasure was like get out of my room and kept telling the promoter Cedez, get this n***a outta my room!” the source spilled. MercedezUAZ was said to have tried to calm down the situation without success. Instead, the two went “back and forth” before Blue pushed Pleasure, leading into a fight.

“The fight was so bad they ended up tearing the dressing room apart, breaking mirrors etc.,” the outlet reported. “Our source said that in the end Pleasure got the best of Baby Blue.”

Public Shut Down

Pleasure P and Baby Blue Get Fight Backstage

Source: Instagram @laflare1017

While performing at Tuskegee University in Alabama, one over zealous fan hopped on stage in attempts to get close to Guwop. But… His efforts led to him being manhandled off stage in front of all the concert-goers. Gucci’s team wasted no time.

“Shout out my road manager aka Fullback,” Gucci partly captioned a video of the incident. Within the first few seconds of the clip, viewers can see someone on stage spot and point out the unidentified male before the “I Get the Bag” rapper’s manager Snake tackles him. A security guard quickly comes in to assist, hustling the male to the back.

Gucci laughed off the situation with a few laughing emojis, as did his fans in the comments section.

“Lowered that shoulder on ol boy”

Pleasure P and Baby Blue Get Fight Backstage

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“Lowered that shoulder on ol boy,” commented a fan. “Gotta be a little more quicker than that,” wrote another.

“Ain’t nobody gonna give homie that pointed it out no credit? Lol dude was sleep at the wheel til dude in the white shirt got his attention! Lol,” an Instagram user said. Another added, “Shout out home by in the white shirt that saw him coming from a mile away,and pointed him out to the road manager… He the real MVP.”

Hopefully this video deters anyone else who would try to join Gucci onstage. The rapper is scheduled to hit New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan and more. He won’t stop moving until September of this year, ending his tour in Atlanta.