Plies Shares Wild Take About Older Women’s Sexual Desires Compared To Young Women

Plies is quite the social media personality, crossing over into many pop culture areas with some hilarious takes and perspectives. For example, his intense fandom of Britney Spears’ dancing videos seemed to get even more passionate when news broke of her divorce. However, the rapper is also perfectly prone to dropping wild statements of his own with no need to tie it into some larger phenomenon. Often, it makes for pretty confusing and comical content, albeit one that’s bound to ruffle some feathers here and there because of just how unfiltered it is. For example, recently the Florida native took to Twitter to share his thoughts on women’s… intimate desires these days, comparing their 20s to their 40s to questionable results.

“Women In They 20’s & Early 30’s Ain’t Horny No More!!!” Plies wrote on the social media platform. “They Just Wanna Travel, Spend Money & Be Outside!! If U A Man & Looking For A Freak U Better Find U Somebody Late 30’s & In They 40’s. B/c Them The Ones Know They On They Way Out & That P***y Soon To Stop Workin! [laughing emoji].”

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Plies Once Again Amuses Twitter With Wild Assertion

Seems like a misguided and kind of nasty take, but maybe Plies is speaking from personal experience here. Regardless, it still prompted plenty of people to debate this in the replies and in comments sections of coverage of the post. But there’s no way this will overshadow the 47-year-old’s hilarious commentary on Donald Trump’s arrest and mugshot. “The Look U Give When U Been Yelling ‘Lock Her Up’ & ‘The Biden Crime Family’… But U The B***h That’s Really The Criminal!!!!” he captioned his repost of the now infamous picture. “U Can Fool Everybody But God!!!!”

“I Will Not Be Referring To Donald J Trump By His Name Anymore!!!” he shared in another message. “From Here On Out I Will Be Referring To Him As ‘Inmate P01135809.’ The Only Way Some Of Y’all Will Ever Say F**k Trump! Is If He Told Y’all To Start Taking Care Of Y’all Kids!!!! At That Point, Y’all Would Say ‘F**k Bruh A N***a Ain’t Need Dem F**k A** $1500 Anyway’!!!” For more news and the latest wild updates from Plies, stick around on HNHH.

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