P!nk Says It's Time for Real Change, Donates to NAACP

And she's urging you to vote in November.

As protests around the nation, and the world, have led to the dismantling of monuments to a racist and oppressive past and the push to defund and rethink policing has taken on a sudden, huge momentum, outspoken singer P!nk has weighed in on some of the things she thinks the nation needs to heal and move forward.

“It is time for change. It is past time for change,” the singer wrote in a lengthy, heartfelt post on Thursday night (June 11) in her latest call to rise up, be heard and push for equality. “We must throw out the old way because it is broken. Division, racism, it never wins, it never works, it never has… other than to cause pain and anguish and terror and loss. Shame, outrage and anger — that’s what every American should be feeling right now.”

As protesters continue to take to the streets in nearly every state as part of the now-two weeks of marches for justice following the police-caused killing of George Floyd, P!nk said we should be “disgusted and embarrassed,” but also inspired to change or be part of the solution. She said she can’t wait to vote in November and plans to see you at the polls.

In the meantime, in addition to learning, listening and having difficult conversations, she said she’s donating to the NAACP, “to help fight for racial justice, because black lives matter. These actions will not fix things overnight, but it’s a start,” she wrote. “And we must do everything we can to make our country a better place for all.”

The message ends with an inspiring call to unity at a time of fierce division in our nation. “We are ALL Americans. We are ALL human beings,” she said. “Let us ALL be part of the change.” Never one to sit quietly on the sidelines, P!nk has been posting a serious of tweets and messages about patriotism, as well as her anger over Pres. Trump’s response to the Floyd protests and a tribute to her dad on Memorial Day.

See P!nk’s statement below.