Pnpmar Paints His Vision Of The World Through Sounds On Two Latest Tracks “Pain” and “Fire”

The creative genius and versatile urban artist Pnpmar has just dropped two of his latest tracks, “Pain” and “Fire.” He paints his vision of the world through sounds with a fine mastery, exposing his dazzling freestyling skills to the fans for the first time in such a sharp way. Both created during the pandemic in his own bedroom, Pnpmar’s unique trap style is one of his strongest assets, already deeply present in his previous works such as Mixed Trap, dropped in 2019. 

Inspired by Eminem, Pnpmar talks betrayal and trust issues through his singular poetry that transforms beautifully into his eclectic performing style. 

The emotional artist seems to be going through a rough phase regarding his interaction with those surrounding him, especially with those not showing support to him. As we can all relate to what he’s going through, we admire the strength he finds to share it all with us, so make sure to stream his latest tracks below.

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