"Pokémon: Lets Go" Nintendo Switch RPG Rumored To Be In Development

Pokémon became a staple in millennials lives by introducing two RPGs that would become cultural phenomenons. The games, Pokémon Blue and Red Versions, were addicting and competitive, and featured a storyline intricate enough to catch a child’s attention, yet simple enough to keep the kid playing for hours. Nintendo is looking to go back to their classic RPG style, and rumor is that the new Pokémon game will be released on the Switch console. 

According to Hypebeastrumors online are pointing to the game being called Pokémon: Let’s Go. The title will have two editions, somewhat like the separate Blue and Red Versions. One version will star Pikachu, while the other will feature Evee. Gamers will return to Kanto, and a Pokemon Go intergration is rumored to come with the game as well. Reports state that either a new Go Plus device or a motion control accessory to emulate a PokéBall will come along with the game. Trainers Red and Blue are set to make a cameo in the game, and both the Pikachu and Eveee versions will feature online play. The game is speculated to be released later this year, but Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement.

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