Polo G Charged With Illegal Possession Of A Weapon, New Details Of Alleged Robbery Emerge

Earlier this week, it was reported that Polo G’s Los Angeles mansion was raided by police in connection to an alleged robbery. At the time, a representative for the rapper claimed that he was not the primary focus of the investigation. He was, however, taken into custody along with three others. It was later revealed that law enforcement found a firearm during their search, and Polo G’s attorney took the opportunity to set the record straight.

“The incident surrounded someone staying in Polo’s home and not Polo directly,” the attorney claimed. “The officers have detained Polo to ‘verify’ that he is not a convicted felon, as they assert a firearm was found in the home. It is widely known that Polo is not a convicted felon and never was a convicted felon.” Reports later surfaced stating that the rapper was released on bond. He was arrested again shortly after for alleged kidnapping, and subsequently released again. Details of the robbery were previously unknown, however, TMZ recently spoke with the LAPD to gain more insight.

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Polo G Charged With Illegal Possession Of A Weapon

Reportedly, Polo G’s brother Trench Baby had invited an unnamed man to his home to film a music video. Once the man arrived, however, Trench Baby allegedly pulled a gun on him and demanded that he empty his pockets. In addition to this, he allegedly told the man to wire him money. The outlet reports that Trench Baby and the man had worked together in the past, though it’s unclear why he was victimized. LAPD also claims to have found a small amount of unnamed drugs on his person upon his arrest.

Trench Baby has been charged with robbery, while Polo G has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon. This comes as a disappointment to fans, who have been eagerly-awaiting his upcoming release, Hood Poet. With that being said, it’s unclear exactly how his legal difficulties could impact the release. Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates on Polo G.

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