Pop Smoke & Bobby Shmurda Will Never Collab & Fans Are Sick

Hip-hop fans mourn the collab that never will be between Brooklyn rappers Bobby Shmurda and the late Pop Smoke.

It’s still hard to believe that just yesterday (February 19),  in what’s now being reported as . As the hip-hop community still tries to wrap their minds around Pop’s , some are now pointing to the sad fact that his death now means the Brooklyn-bred emcee won’t be able to collaborate with East Flatbush’s own rap hero,  .

Pop Smoke & Bobby Shmurda Will Never Collab & Fans Are Sick
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty

Seen in the photo above during brighter days at his listening party less than two weeks ago at Villain in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, Pop Smoke was truly on his way to doing big things in his skyrocketing career. Meet The Woo 2, his sophomore mixtape which just received a deluxe edition last week, proved to be a hit on the Billboard 200 where it debuted at #7. Many believed it was the start of great things to come, including an inevitable collaboration with Bobby if . Even though a posthumous collab with unreleased vocals is still a strong possibility, nothing beats the in-studio synergy these two could’ve had and without a doubt the pandemonium they would’ve caused hitting the stage together. It goes without saying, but the world of hip-hop, New York’s influential rap scene to be specific, is lesser for Pop Smoke’s loss.

Take a look at some of the realest fan reactions to the Pop Smoke and Bobby Shmurda collab that never was and never truly will be:


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