power play with me

Power ‘s “Play With Me” Depicts A Love Infused With Magic, Gold, & Enduring Connection

After the tremendous buzz created by his hit “Hook Up,”  Power, the rising star of LA’s hip-hop scene, is now dropping his newest track, “Play With Me.” This song is a heartfelt tribute to that unique individual who effortlessly dissipates life’s troubles and awakens one’s playful spirit. The music video is a work of art, showcasing stunning beach views, capturing the essence of unconditional love, and echoing the irresistible motto, “together, we possess everything.” 

Power unleashes his innermost feelings, letting his raw emotions flow freely: “Life is magical/ With feelings we can’t control/ Body mind and soul/ Our love is made out of gold/ I’m so grateful BAE/ You know that you’re my favorite/ Come and play with me/ I know you wanna see me/ Yeah come and stay with me/ Together we can escape/ Come and play with me/ Just pull up to my place yeah.”

power play with me

“Play With Me” delves into themes centered around commitment and fate. The mention of “365 days running through your mind” alludes to a love that remains constant and timeless. The lyrics rejoice in the concept of an ideal pairing, a connection that fills Power with gratitude for their significant other and the joy they bring. This underscores the notion that having a genuine relationship is an enchanting and invaluable journey.

Under the direction of Power and his frequent creative partner Aman Bhatia, the accompanying video transports its audience back to that unforgettable era when being with a special person feels like a getaway, where the rest of the world disappears, and each rendezvous offers an out-of-body experience. It’s an escapade that will forever be yearned for, a connection that serves as a lifeline. 

With “Play With Me,” Power reaffirms that everyone needs more moments of playfulness in their lives! This lighthearted love song sets the stage for the excitement building around his forthcoming album, One Love. Sending a clear message that extravagant and lavish things aren’t necessary when you have that special person by your side, the track is all about togetherness, pure joy, and carefree energy.

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