Premiere: After “Mask On My Heart,” J. Lee Returns With Sublime Urban Hit – “These Nights”

After “Mask On My Heart,” California-based Korean-American R&B and Hip-Hop artist J. Lee returns with a new urban hit titled “These Nights.” A rebel at heart, J. Lee never accepted the stereotypes and negative perception of Asian-Americans in North America, and intends to change that by releasing quality music that often holds the potential to become hits, especially with singles such as “These Nights.” 

The song tells the tale of two people who like each other, but in which one starts playing games and the other is just left confused. Stemming from his own experience, the song’s story took place in 2020, when J. Lee moved to LA county and met a woman that he started seeing. Those times weren’t easy for him because there was a constant back and forth between them, and even if they weren’t in a committed relationship, she would get jealous and spin in circles with him. Despite the confusion, Lee was always down to chill with her. 

“Being with the other is so addicting that even if it’s toxic or whatever, you still be with them for the hell of it. Because.. well, why not?” is what the artist shared when talking about his experience. 

J. Lee produced, recorded, mixed, wrote, and mastered “These Nights” himself, incorporating catchy guitar progressions, a booming bass and a memorable chorus. This lit banger was recorded to remind him of the fun times he had, even if they were confusing as hell. 

J. Lee started singing and playing the piano at 3 years old, and quickly found his appreciation for R&B, hip-hop, and urban culture after moving to California. His creativity and ambition has led him to work with Billboard artist Ted Park (H1GHR MUSIC) and platinum-level producer DJ Pain 1 on the hit song, “Down,” which was commonly heard on Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

He is also a talented producer whose music has been licensed to major networks such as Netflix, PBS, MTV, NASCAR, and the Discovery Channel. He also holds an audio degree from the American University in Washington, DC.

“These Nights” comes to prove that his previous release, “Mask On My Heart” was no one-timer and that he is capable of imagining truly powerful songs each time he gets into his creative mode. 

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