Thirsty Worldwide Rising Even Higher With New Single “No Too Much”

Creative Collective Thirsty Worldwide is coming out with a new music video for their single “No Too Much”, a song bound to become a superhit. The Nigerian trio boasts a beautiful musical score and masterful singing and rapping all gathered on a stylish, pastel cinematic platter. The music video, depicting the artists and friends in an urban setting with a smoky background, was produced by Retrro5, Jxses, Gcl3f, Hotboii. The imagery is simple, aesthetic, and tasteful making the listener want to replay it over and over.

The three members of the collective are artists Straffitti, Jaiye, and Kxngwuap who have been making music for a little over 5 years. Their previous releases have been immensely popular, including songs like “Running”, “Serious Damage”, “James Harden”, and more. Their songs are fun, engaging, relatable, and most importantly authentic. Through their work, the audience can tell how much Thirsty Worldwide enjoys doing what they do and that ignites more excitement for the listeners. 

Thirsty worldwide and its members are pioneers of drill sound in Africa. As a team, they have found their own very special cocktail of  trapsoul, Afro-swing, hip hop, r&b, drill music and more. There is undeniable energy in Thirsty Worldwide’s art and it gets the message across. The Collective focuses on themes around believing in oneself, human nature and emotions, as well as the good and the ugly of life which makes their music all the more relatable. 

Each of the three artists has their own unique input, working on their own projects. But Thirsty Worldwide has been the thread encircling them together since college studio sessions where they first met. “No Too Much” showcases the talent and dedication of Thirsty Worldwide and is their next step toward greatness. 

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