“Pretty Brown Hair” Artist DYLI Admits To be A Spur-Of-The-Moment Creator

Hip Hop phenom DYLI continues to shine on with her recent release “Pretty Brown Hair,” which is a boastful rap song that plays up the power of the brunettes. The young rapper came up with the theme to break the stigma that only a blonde can be “the hot cheerleader, the mean girl, the popular socialite.”

The R&B artist admits that she gets her inspiration from everyday life and isn’t much of a planner, “I am a very spur of the moment creator. I have a hard time planning ahead because I put a lot of pressure on myself. Because I find inspiration in everyday life/activities, I think I’ve made some of my best work on the fly.”

DYLI incorporates her own experiences into the songs,  “Almost every single one of my songs reflects something that has affected me, or that I believe in etc, so I believe that is what allows me to find inspiration so randomly.” “Pretty Brown Hair,” for example, is a way to shut down insecurities and boost up confidence, “I’ve been giftin out my presence so I came through/ I been settin goals, like puttin karats on my ankle/ I don’t like to post cus they be knowin every angle/ I could play the main role.”

The “Pretty Brown Hair” singer-songwriter reveals that the first instrument she learned to play was the guitar, “I always thought it was such an amazing instrument and extremely versatile.” DYLI also plays the piano, the ukulele, and the djembe. What drives the 19-year-old is the love of the craft. She genuinely appreciates and loves music and her intent isn’t to be a “famous pop star,” but to keep on perfecting her vocal and writing skills. 

Listen to “Pretty Brown Hair” on Spotify:

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