Producer Forza Threatens Suicide After Lil Uzi Vert Calls Him Out

Forza posts a troubling message on social media.

. Alongside , the two are arguably the most in danger of finding their unreleased music on the internet. It feels like, every single day, there’s a new Uzi song popping up online. . The high-profile beat-making collective worked with Uzi on a number of his hit songs, with “That’s A Rack” being the most recent. During his heated Twitter tirade, the rapper called out former Working On Dying member Forza, accusing him of “stealing and selling” his unreleased songs. He threatened to beat up the producer and, after everything started to sink in, Forza posted a troubling message to his social media pages, letting his fans know that he no longer has a will to live.

Producer Forza Threatens Suicide After Lil Uzi Vert Calls Him Out
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Hopefully, Forza’s friends are checking on him right now because the young man just shared an extremely terrifying message about committing suicide, announcing that he would be ending his life after being called out. “Thought really hard.. ima kill myself,” wrote the producer. “Thanks to anybody who ever fucked with me. It’s been real.”

Forza’s inbox is currently filled with supportive messages from fans and strangers who are urging him to reconsider. Hopefully, also catches wind of the tweet and gives his mans a call. Send Forza some love right now. 

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