Quavo Claims He Saw Donald Trump At A Strip Club

Quavo recently took to social media, claiming that he spotted former president Donald Trump just after his arrest. Trump turned himself in at Fulton County Jail earlier this week, for various charges surrounding his alleged attempt to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Shortly after being booked, he was released on a $200K bond. According to Quavo, the 77-year-old was making the most out of his freedom, living it up at a strip club.

“Jus seen Trump was at MAGIC CITY,” the artist wrote, referring to the famous strip club in Atlanta. It’s unclear whether or not Quavo was serious about his claims, but there’s no further proof that Trump actually spent his evening there. His post did manage to get the attention of social media users, however, who found the thought to be hilarious. “It’s Bros First Day Home. What You Expect,” one Instagram user joked alongside a laughing emoji. Another writes, “All that money… where else would he spend it?? be fr.”

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Trump Allegedly Spotted At Magic City

Quavo’s not the only person to be making jokes about Trump online as of late. Trump announced the date and time he would be surrendering himself on social media, leaving countless users eagerly awaiting his mugshot. Once the photo dropped, it was subject to endless edits. Someone even superimposed Gunna’s face onto the former president’s. As the two of them now share a lawyer, the edit didn’t come as too much of a shock.

As social media users waited on his mugshot, some of Trump’s booking information also managed to get their attention. The president was listed as weighing 215 lbs. Several people found the estimate to be unrealistic, claiming that he looks to be far heavier. Regardless, Trump has already started to sell merch featuring the famous image to earn money for his 2024 campaign. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Quavo and Donald Trump.

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