Quavo Comes To The Rescue After Saweetie Turns All The Way Up For Memorial Day

Saweetie clearly had a lit Memorial Day.

Yesterday was , meaning that, there were BBQs and pool parties happening across the States. Even with the pandemic, that hasn’t stopped families from celebrating in the comfort of their homes or backyards, although we’ve seen a lot actually ventured outside to local beaches and pools, too. Clearly people are getting antsy to be outside and see their friends, and really, do all the things that summer entails. It seems like Saweetie got to do all those fun, summer-y things yesterday, as she shared on her Instagram.

The rapper, who has an album on the way, may have actually had a bit too much fun yesterday– she shared a series of snapshots from her Memorial Day shenanigans, and the final image from the series saw her lopsided in a donut-shaped pool floaty, a towel wrapped around most of her face as she gives the peace sign to the camera. Meanwhile, is in the corner of the photo, seemingly rescuing her out of the pool. The caption to go along with this iconic image: “Ok I’m tappin out y’all I been doing theeee most all day now Qua gotta take care of me.”

In an earlier IG gallery post, we see Saweetie having all the fun– she’s on top of the roof before jumping into the pool, she’s battling a friend while sitting on Quavo’s shoulder for a bout of water wrestling (to which Quavo says: “Lol my legs drunk in that chicken fight”), and she’s chilling in her pool floatie. However it appears that her friends wouldn’t allow her to continue said chilling in the pool with her cellphone, as a the next photo provided an update: “Wow why they let me chill in the pool w my phone like that!!”

Who else had as much fun as Saweetie yesterday?

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