Quavo Pops Out At Usher’s Show With Rumored New Boo

For those not caught up on the rumor mill, Quavo and Lori Harvey recently shut down rumors that they were seeing each other. Moreover, it seems like this came at a pretty convenient but also possibly messy time, because it seems like the former Migo just debuted a new relationship. Recently, he went to one of Usher’s shows with gymnast Erica Fontaine. “I hope you don’t mind if I serenade your lady real quick,” the singer told the Georgia rapper as he approached them in the crowd. While this is still just sheer speculation at the end of the day, it’s also a slightly stronger suggestion of a pairing than whatever got people thinking he and Lori Harvey had something going on.

Of course, this is also notable because of all the serenades that Usher offered to famous women recently. The most notable instance was Keke Palmer getting blasted by her boyfriend Darius Jackson for it, which went down a bit over a week ago. The latest famous female to fall under the R&B star’s spell was Kash Doll. Even though it’s unclear how much this applies to Quavo’s situation, as it’s just a rumor, it’s still at least fun to see the Confessions icon cheekily play into that, even if he might not care what results from it.

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Usher Sings To Quavo & Erica Fontaine

Regardless, Quavo has much bigger fish to fry ahead of the release of his next studio album, Rocket Power. Furthermore, he recently released the single “Turn Yo Clic Up” with Future, which caused its own online ruckus due to Fewtch’s lyrics. In addition, through messages to his late rap partner, it’s clear that this whole album and rollout is a tribute to Takeoff’s life and legacy. “Think About You All The Time I’ll Never Forget About You!!!,” the 32-year-old recently expressed on his Instagram Story. “I Miss U So Much And No One Will Take Yo Spot Twin U My Left Hand [left hand emoji] Come On Now!!! OTHERSIDE BOYS.”

Meanwhile, he also recently made up with his fellow former Migo Offset, as they reunited for a performance honoring Take. Considering all the speculated beef that they had and the group’s breakup, this was a very heartening moment for fans. After a lot of pain, struggle, and contention, hopefully this upward trajectory continues for all involved, whether in music, family, or love. On that note, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Quavo.

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