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R. Kelly Asks Judge To Have Ex-Wife Keep Quiet About Their Marriage

R. Kelly’s had enough of Drea speaking out about their marriage.

and his ex-wife Drea Kelly have been going at it for some time and there looks to be no end. While R. Kelly has already  for all the child support he owed her, it doesn’t mean their feud is over since the singer has asked a judge to help keep his wife quiet. According to TMZ, Drea signed an agreement back in 2009, promising that she wouldn’t discuss the happenings within her marriage with R. Kelly. 

R. Kelly Asks Judge To Have Ex-Wife Keep Quiet About Their Marriage
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Drea has seemingly breached the marital settlement agreement and R. Kelly is requesting help from a judge so it no longer continues. Apparently, both of them agreed to not divulge “any account of their private lives, business activities, relationship with each other, marriage or circumstances surrounding the dissolution.” 

R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg stated how Drea’s conversation with TMZ Live last month was yet another breach of contract and the final straw. “Kelly has not made one disparaging remark about Drea publicly — and there’s plenty he could say,” Steven noted. “Drea has two strands of income — child support from R. Kelly and blasting R. Kelly publicly.”

We’ll have to see how this plays out with the judge and if Drea will be banned from discussing her marriage further. 

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