Raf-Saperra Bridges Bhangra & Rap on Debut Mixtape, ‘Ruff Around the Edges’

South London singer and rapper Raf-Saperra releases his debut mixtape to make his mark in bridging the world of Bhangra and UK rap.

The Punjabi newcomer navigated through 2022 with various singles putting him on the map, namely the breakout track “N.L.S. (Nach Le Soniye)” and the hip hop-centred “Modern Mirza”. His debut project is one that covers all bases, offering shades of pirate radio in its presentation, surrounded by applicable skits to lay out the concept. Throughout the nineteen tracks, Raf-Saperra stays in touch with his cultures, whether it is the traditional Punjabi beats and vocals or garage, hip hop and afrobeat influences that stem from his South-West London identity. The work is a culmination of the minds of Bobby Kang, DJ Juggy, Ransome Beatz and Saperra’s own production, fuelling the rich nature of intent gone into Ruff Around the Edges.

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Commenting on the release, Raf-Saperra noted that “This tape should not be confused for an ode to the past but a celebration of the present. Born and raised in the south London town of Streatham, it’s important for me to show you how a Punjabi from my borough delivers the goods and how someone from my town contributes towards the UK and global music scene.”

Ruff Around the Edges is a substantial experience that successfully blends those worlds while bringing Bhangra back to the forefront of UK culture, a movement that hasn’t had a modern spearhead since the likes of Rishi Rich and Juggy D. From this tape, it’s clear Raf-Saperra means business.

Listen to Raf-Saperra’s mixtape Ruff Around the Edges below.