Rah Digga Shows Support For T.I.’s Hymen Check-Up

Rah Digga shares her thoughts on hymengate.

Weeks later and . The rapper  He faced massive backlash but he also got a lot of support from fellow members of the rap community. A few brushed off his comments with “that’s his child,” while others have stated that he’s simply trying to be a good parent. Rah Digga is among those who are in support of and recently took to Twitter to reveal that she’s taken her daughter to do the same.

Rah Digga Shows Support For T.I.'s Hymen Check-Up
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

After  Rah Digga made it clear that she’s in support of T.I. “So on top of it being criminal for parents to discipline their children they’re trying to make it criminal to monitor their sex lives? FOH!! I STAND WITH T.I.,” she wrote. Her comments prompted backlash as well with people accusing her of being too invasive. 

“What’s sick are the leaps and bounds society is taking to remove parental structuring and people justifying it,” she responded to a critic. “Same society won’t have shit to say when that kid comes home pregnant and abortions are illegal. That’s that on that!!”

Peep her tweets below. 

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