Rap artist 505 T-Wayne, in collaboration with legendary rapper Bizzy Bone, has hit the iTunes Rap Song Chart with their newest hit “Bumpin in Tha Party Bus.”

The song, which features the signature styles of both artists, has taken the music industry by storm, and its popularity has translated into chart-topping success. The song has charted as high as #15 in the UK and #32 in the USA, demonstrating its broad appeal and popularity among rap fans worldwide.

505 T-Wayne’s unique style and sound, combined with Bizzy Bone’s experience and legendary status in the rap game, have created a collaboration that has struck a chord with listeners around the globe. “Bumpin in Tha Party Bus” features catchy lyrics, infectious beats, and a memorable chorus that has earned it a place on the iTunes Rap Song Chart.

“We’re thrilled to see 505 T-Wayne and Bizzy Bone’s hard work and talent pay off with the success of ‘Bumpin in Tha Party Bus’,” said the rapper’s management team. “The song has been well received by rap fans all over the world, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.”

With the success of “Bumpin in Tha Party Bus” and its high chart positions, 505 T-Wayne and Bizzy Bone have cemented their place in the rap industry and have shown that their collaboration is a force to be reckoned with.

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