Rapper Casino Jizzle In Critical Condition Following Chuck E. Cheese Shooting

Robert Tunstall is expected to be okay.

Chuck E. Cheese has been a location of  lately and the latest on the family entertainment center takes place at a Tennesse location where upcoming rapper Casino Jizzle was the victim of a shooting. Born Robert Tunstall, the 23-year-old was at Chuck E. Cheese with his girlfriend and her kids when he said he was stepping outside to go to his vehicle, KDVR reports.  

Several minutes later he returned with a gunshot wound and was rushed to a nearby Medical Center in critical condition. His manager, Angie Strange, told the publication that he’s in the ICU with wounds to the back and chest and he’s expected to survive. “I know he’s a gangster rapper but he’s used his music to change his life,” Angie said of Robert. “He’s got major labels looking at him & has had good local success. He’s worked hard to become a positive person & we’ve been very proud of his progress as an artist & as a man.”

Police are working to find the suspect by sourcing video footage from the Chuck E. Cheese. The publication details how surveillance shows Robert waking outside and after a “flash” he runs back inside. We only hope he makes a fast recovery. 

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