Rappers Who Aren’t About That Life

Building credibility in rap definitely takes a lot of time to earn, but it can take just seconds to lose completely. Whether it’s running away from a fight, hiding behind a bodyguard when one starts, or just portraying a lifestyle you don’t live, you can lose your entire cred in an instant. Some rappers, however, are able to get away with not being about that life, while others have had to disappear off the map completely.


Rappers Who Aren’t About That Life

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Piles was born in Fort Myers, Florida, and he grew up playing football for Fort Myers Senior High School. He started his rap career in the 1990s when his stepbrother, Ronnell Lawrence Lavette, started his own independent record label. He initially refused to rap, but he ended up being a feature on a single titled “Tell Dem Krackers Dat.” His first album ended up dropping in 2007 with features like T-Pain, and he enjoyed a pretty successful rap career for the most part.

Unfortunately, Plies may seem like he’s about that life, but countless people have reported him as running from fights, including Jamie Foxx. The Django actor said that Algernod Lanier “Piles” Washington has done a great job of avoiding the conflict that he talks so heavily about being involved in. Why talk so much talk if you’re not even planning on walking the walk?


Rappers Who Aren’t About That Life

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Drake is one of the biggest culprits of being a fake tough guy out there. While he’s not constantly trying to portray that he is, he certainly knows how to talk tough regardless. The rapper even one time sent his bodyguards into a tattoo shop to confront an artist for tatting his name onto a female stans forehead. Dizzy allegedly didn’t even get out of the car out front.

Funnily enough, Drake was recently caught doing some smack talk with NBA player Kendrick Perkins. If you know anything about the NBA, you know that Kendrick Perkins is one of the last people you would ever want to mess with. Apparently, Drake didn’t get that memo. He was jawing at him right after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat Drakes’ Toronto Raptors in the playoffs as Perkins was walking off the court. It’s safe to say Drake wouldn’t fair well in a fist-swinging contest against Perk.

Yung Berg

Rappers Who Aren’t About That Life

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Christian “Yung Berg” Ward is also known as Iceberg, and Hitmaka, but in this case, you might call him a wuss. He started his cap career back in 2001 when he was signed by DMX’s Bloodline Records. His career hasn’t been amazing, but he still has one of the more recognizable names when it comes to hip-hop from the mid-2000’s.

Yung Berg has already admitted that this was a huge L, but the rapper not only got slapped twice in public, but he even got his chain stolen once. We can’t come down too hard on him, however, because he’s still making a lot of money off producing for Diddy, Nicki Minaj, and more. How can you let yourself get slapped and do nothing about it!?


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