Rappers Who Went From Overweight to Overtoned

For better or for worse, a person’s looks have a huge impact on their career, especially when it comes to entertainment. Whether someone is good looking or plain, muscled or skinny, curvy or flat is sure to be major factor in their look, style, and popularity.

And that isn’t always a bad thing. Some performers are even more famous for their distinct or abnormal features, which ends up bringing everybody to a much more equal playing field. In hip-hop, plenty of rappers and artists have been known for their weight, and many of them even earned their nicknames thanks to their more obvious features. But what happens when someone who was always bigger sheds all their weight or bulks up instead?

Some of the biggest names in rap have experienced incredible changes from their early years as amateurs and throughout their journeys to award winning producers, millionaires, and influencers. When focusing so much on their careers, however, many of them forgot to put their health first, and only later in life did they decide to take control of their bodies through diet and exercise. Even Fat Joe isn’t fat anymore!

Rappers are trading in their burgers for barbells at a high rate these days. Do you even recognize some of them anymore? See our list of rappers who went from overweight to overtoned real quick and let us know whose transformation is the wildest!

French Montana Overweight

Rappers Who Went From Overweight to Overtoned

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French Montana was born Karim Kharbouch in 1984. Born in Morocco, he moved to the United States when he was thirteen, and he speaks multiple languages including English, French, and Arabic. A hustler from the start, French Montana soon started up his Coke Boys record label and made a name for himself. However, his health and weight was never a priority. That would all change soon…

French Montana Overtoned

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Are those abs we see? If only Khloé could see him now… The “Don’t Panic” rapper is among several others in the industry who thank CrossFit for his huge transformation. Maybe he took his inspiration from his ex Khloé, who has also kicked her butt and gotten into amazing shape over the past few years. French Montana once revealed that he put on weight while dating the Kardashian, but that her own family had criticized her for hurting the “brand.” While we think that’s a shame, we have to congratulate both of them on their brand new bods, even if their relationship didn’t work out.

French Montana has walked the fine line between hip-hop fame and Hollywood stardom, and we’re glad that he came out the other side having gathered the best of both worlds. He learned from his past to make himself healthier than ever before while encouraging other people to do the same.

Rick Ross Overweight

Rappers Who Went From Overweight to Overtoned

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL

William Leonard Roberts II—better known as Rick Ross—was always a bigger guy. His wakeup call came back in 2011 when he had two seizures within a few hours of each other and had to be hospitalized after losing consciousness. At the time, he weighed 350 pounds and barely slept at night, not to mention he had an awful diet. With his life on the line, Rick Ross knew he had to drop the weight to save his life.