Rappers Who Were Kicked Off Their Label

Whether they are still releasing music or not, there have been a fair amount of rappers who have been painfully dropped from their label. They may carry on with their releases for fans as independent artists, but there were times where the labels were not satisfied with their work, resulting in their departure from it all. Check out to see a list of rappers who were dropped from a record label in a pretty harsh way.

Trinidad James

Rappers Who Were Kicked Off Their Label

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Trinidad was infamously dropped from Def Jam a few years ago, which he announced on Twitter before letting fans know he could get his new album for free. It all happened pretty quickly. Just two months after he dropped his debut mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E, he signed a $2 million deal with Def Jam in 2012.

“I feel like we just had a difference of creative ideas,” Trinidad told MTV News. Trinidad thought he would be better off as an independent artist anyway, but he was definitely more popular back when he was on the Def Jam label. “I appreciate Def Jam for everything that they taught me and they’re not bad people. It’s just that they’re a business man, it’s life, you just have to understand that and I definitely do,” he said. He finished saying “I wanted to take the people who care on a musical journey. So it’s almost like, ‘Hey if you’re a real true Trinidad James fan raise your hand so that we could put you on a separate island,’ so we’ll know what my actual core following is.


Rappers Who Were Kicked Off Their Label

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Omarion may be settled into Maybach Music, but the singer was once signed to Young Money for a short period of time before being dropped.

Lil Wayne signed the artist to Young Money Entertainment back in March of 2009, but four months later he was dropped from the label while saying he was “out for business reasons.” The rumors were strong saying that he was dropped by Wayne, and there were some interesting things that happened afterward. Omarion had a pretty big single titled “I Get In” featuring Lil Wayne, and after he left Young Money he re-released the same song but he replaced Wayne with Gucci Mane. His most successful song, “Ice Box” hit gold and sold over 390,000 copies, but besides that, his career has been a little dry.

Ron Browz

Rappers Who Were Kicked Off Their Label

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Rondell “Ron Browz” Turner is a recording artist and producer from Harlem, New York. His music career started back in 1998 when he started producing records for Big L. He eventually got better and better and started making a number of different songs for Nas. The most important one was “Ether,” a song where Nas infamously dissed legendary rapper Jay-Z when the two were feuding.

Nearly a decade later he was dropped by his label. While he repeatedly claimed that he didn’t get dropped, Universal Motown reportedly dropped Ron Browz back in 2009, shortly after his track “Pop Champagne” blew up on the charts. He eventually opened up and admitted that he was dropped in a few different radio interviews. Nowadays he’s not really producing for any big names, and him being dropped from the label probably has a big deal.


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