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Raptors Receive Dinosaur Emoji Tribute On Apple’s Canadian Homepage

Canada is pumped about this Raptors win.

If you had told someone in Canada that the Toronto Raptors would have won the NBA Championship back in October when the season started, they would have called you crazy. Sure the team was playing great with Kawhi Leonard but after all the heartbreak the city had been through, many thought it a longshot that they would be world champions. Well, last night, the 

The victory has seen  and the tech world is taking notice. Today, Apple’s Canadian homepage went a little crazy with the emojis to mark the historic accomplishment. Users who went on apple.ca today noticed a flurry of dinosaur, basketball, and Canadian flag emojis tossing and turning throughout the page.

It was a cute little way to pay homage to a team that captured the imaginations of Canadians everywhere. The Raptors were able to unite an entire country that stands alone as the only Canadian franchise in the NBA.  mentality all playoffs long and it ended up paying off for them.

Now if only a Canadian team could win the Stanley Cup. It is the country’s National sport after all.

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