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Raz B Sits Out B2K Tour After Constant Trolling From Other Group Member: Report

Raz B was tired of getting teased by another B2K member.

A recent announcement was made by B2K which involved Raz B. As the singer has been  which have since , the group revealed Raz B would be sitting out the Florida dates of . The latter was shared an Instagram post which stated a “self care journey” as the reason behind Raz B’s absence from the Floridan leg of the tour. While several speculations have swirled around the real reason behind the timeout, a recent report by BOSSIP revealed a possible explanation. 

According to an inside source, Raz B’s reason for quitting the tour relates to another B2K band member, J. Boog. The bandmate is believed to have been teasing Raz B continuously about his alleged sexual abuse past and issues with former manager Chris Stokes. Raz B, who still suffers from severe PTSD due to the latter, was growing tired of the trolling. 

The source further affirms that weeks ago, J. Boog arrived at a B2K meet & greet with a shirt that read “I DON’T FEEL ” to tease the band member on his previous statements wherein he stated he would quit the tour because of Stoke’s possible appearance, which made him feel unsafe. A photo of the incident was shared by a fan on social media. To note, Boog and Chris Stokes are still good friends and business partners, according to the source. 

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